Specializing in systems,
and databases.

Our service offering covers mostly UNIX/Linux systems and the entire ecosystem around them, such as databases and applications/middleware. We also specialize in SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) environments.

Our Services

>System Administration

Strong skills in UNIX/Linux systems and storage, including high-availability solutions, virtualization and clustering. Experience in upgrades and migrations (including P2V migrations).

  • UNIX Systems Engineering and Administration (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, BSD).
  • Datacenter equipment installation.
  • Configuration and Administration of storage systems (Pure, Oracle, IBM, HP, etc.).
  • Server/desktop virtualization implementation solutions (VMware, Oracle VM, OLVM, etc.).
  • Implementation of container-based solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, Zones, Jails, etc.).
  • Web server administration and reverse proxies (Apache, NGINX, Haproxy, Squid).
  • Implementation of clustering solutions.


Solid experience in database administration and optimization with high volume and workload. Skills in defining high availability and scalability architectures. Extensive know-how in defining and executing migrations.

  • Database administration and tuning (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.).
  • Implementation of Backup and Restore policies.
  • Definition of high-availability architectures.
  • Implementation of replica environments (Dataguard,
    DbVisit, Patroni, etc).
  • Upgrades and Migrations.
  • Development of customized housekeeping and data archiving solutions.
  • Audit and health check-up.
  • Security hardening.


Recognized skills in administration and optimization of application backends. Expertise in JVM tuning and in diagnosing memory leaks, threading issues and performance incidents. Know-how in the definition of technological renovation strategies.

  • Middleware Administration and Tuning (WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Jboss / Wildfly and Glassfish).
  • Application Deployments.

>Software Development

In addition to our Business Intelligence solution, which is a key element in decision support for some of our customers, we also develop turnkey solutions.

  • Analysis and development of customized Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Implementation of log analysis and monitoring solutions (Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, etc.).
  • Custom application development.


Skills in vulnerability detection, correction and mitigation. Proven experience in supporting the PCI DSS certification process.

  • Implementation of security systems (OSSEC, Fail2ban, PBIS, etc.).
  • Support in the PCI DSS certification process.
  • Penetration tests.
  • Vulnerability remediation and mitigation.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Preparation of standard configuration guides.

>24x7 Support

24 x 7 x 365 support to ensure the continuity of our customers' operations.

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